Active Optical Cable Solutions

  • Speeds from 10G to 400G
  • Lengths available to 300m (100m for 400G AOC)
  • Multiple Breakout Options
  • Lighter than Copper Assemblies
  • Environmentally Hardened Options
  • Industry standard and Custom Lengths
  • Custom lengths, private labeling and custom coding available

Why choose AOCs over pluggables ?

  • Stability: Unlike a traditional transceiver, the AOC cable visual interface is not exposed; concerns about the optical interface are eliminated The AOC system’s stability and dependability have significantly improved, lowering server room maintenance costs.
  • Maintenance: Unlike optical transceivers, AOC does not require cleaning the interface after a failure. Furthermore, users do not need to test the terminal plug, which can save time.
  • Consistency: AOC (Active Optical Cable) has higher wiring consistency and repeatability. Enclosed terminations make it easier for AOC to escape the impacts of environmental and vibration.
  • Cost: AOC is less expensive than optical transceivers plus fiber, reducing deployment costs. Its transmission distance can meet the needs of consumers in a variety of short-distance transmission applications.